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nude nails, dd iced lattes, audrey hepburn, wavy hair, lip biting, skinny jeans, warm sunshine, friends, him<3, late nights, butterflies in your stomach, beach, comfy teeshirts, photography, music, makeup, tattoos, ear peircings, paris, little sister, victoria secret, girlfriend, late night alumni, chilled out beats, party games, kaskade, hellokitty, fashion, style, jewelry, chocolate, movies, being comfortable in my own skin, bubble tea, being accident prone, getting lost on purpose, holding hands, nice people.

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 peek(s) at chu

beneath the facade is a me so seldom seen;

i survived 5 days without power or heat, or even tumblr.

yay me for my great accomplishment. now we gotta make sure we’re prepared just in case this happens again. unfortunately i’m still cause of the lack of heat and survivng off oatmeal for 5 days. now to get myself better~

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